Hi everyone!

2017 is the year! Finally (and I really mean it, because we’ve been delaying this moment for more than four years) me and my good fella Guayasen (yeap! oddish name from the Canary Island, he is the one right in the middle of the image) we have enrolled ourselves in an ironman-distance triathlon competition. 

Avoiding the super-expensive Ironman franchise, we (well, I should say him) have found a much more affordable and ecxiting option with an unbeatable landscape where to swim, cycle and run: The HARDMAN Long Distance Triathlon race that will take place in Killarney (south-west of Ireland) on Saturday 19th of August 2017. Have you heard about the “Ring of Kerry”?, well it’s right there.

Apart from the impressive nature that will surround us during the whole event one key feature of the Hardman Long Distance Triathlon that really makes it the perfect race, is the fact that the cycling stage correspond to just one big lap of 180 km! That really makes a huge difference and it’s not easy to find (normally in this kind of competitions you have to repeat more than twice -or even four times– smaller loops until you reach the 180 km… which is frankly… bored!). The other aspect that we really fell in love with, is that, somehow, close and family atmosphere that we found on its website and the pictures from previous editions of the race.

Without a doubt, this is exactly the kind of event that we’ve been looking for and the kind of race where we would like to get involved. For sure, the best of its kind! So, Killarney, be prepared cos… here we go!

Now, and this is the other ecxiting part of the whole picture, Guess how we want to get there from Barcelona where we live!? Yes, you’re right, we are not thinking in put our bikes into a box and simply take a plane to Ireland… No, no, no!

We are planning to go cycling fom Barcelona (Spain) to Killarney (Ireland) in what will be a roughly 2,200 km journey to finally accomplish our goal and participate in an ironman-distance triathlon competition! And we are looking forward to it!

As I’m starting to realize (little bit late it seems), the journey is far more important than the destination! 🙂

So, definitely, 2017 is the year!

Avocado, ginger, apple, garlic & spinach… smoothie?

* If you were wondering, the third one on the right is Javi, he won’t come cycling with us but we really expect him to be cheering us at Killarney when we cross the finish line of the Hardman 2017!