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Barcelona – Killarney: 2.200km in 19 days + 1 Ironman

Download a pdf presentation of our challege on how you can get involved, here!

2200kmaway.com is a blog that we started on February of this year (2017) and where Guayas and I, Nico, (well, and Pedro also… but we’re still waiting) explain the experiences that happen to us on our way to the Hardman 2017. OK, right, but… What’s the Hardman 2017 about?.

The aim

The Hardman 2017 is a sports competition, a long distance triathlon equivalent to an Ironman (that is 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of bicycle and 42 km of running race) that will be held in Ireland on the 19th August of this year (2017), specifically in Killarney in the south-west region of the country. Right! An unbeatable landscape where to swim, cycle and run!

With Guayas we’ve known each other for a long time and it was precisely the sport what brought us together (you’re right, the image of the header has more than a few years now). I would say that –and I dare to speak on behalf of both– never understanding the sport as an obsession but rather as a distraction. A social activity. A moment where to connect or simply, to disconnect. We aren’t and won’t be sport freakies, we just like to be in movement and, if we see it feasible, try to push ourselves a little bit further. That’s how over the years, with our bodies and minds asking for new challenges, the idea of participating in an Ironman event started to gain force. Little by little we started to realise that if we never took the chance (to at least try and complete it) it would become soon a nagging regret.

So finally, at the beginning of this year, we signed up for one and the chosen one was the Hardman 2017 – Long Distance Triathlon.

That’s one part of the explanation. Let’s say the aim. The other half refers to the journey (that certainly was what motivated this blog).

The journey

To make the whole experience much more memorable (cos I think that’s what is all about) we’ve decided to go cycling all the way from Barcelona (where we live) to Killarney in Ireland where the competition will be held.

This route represents a 2,200 km journey of endless pedal that we expect to cover in 19 days, setting off from Barcelona on the 29th of July to arrive to Killayney in the afternoon of August 16th, two days before we face our final goal, the Hardman 2017.

It’s easy to say but we will sweat. A first draft and map of the route has already been published here.

Check out the final & updated map of our touring here: https://goo.gl/bsUf6B

But here do not expect to find a sports blog. No, here you won’t find training schemes or nutrition plans –well, maybe in the future you will because this blog doesn’t have a written script–. More than that, this blog is a sort of shared diary of the different experiences we cross on the road during this journey. A little bit of everything: Thoughts, learnings, feelings, people, details and, let’s say, anything that we don’t want to forget and of course, we want to share.

Without a script in hand, we don’t plan either who writes about one thing or another. We just publish guided by our mood and when the obligations allow us do to it –this last punctually applies more to Guayas than to me–. What we don’t tell each other while going cycling, we explain it through the posts since, to both of us, each new entry that we publish is as new and unexpected as they are for you. Right!, the “New Post from 2200kmaway.com” notification reaches our inbox (mine, his and your) at the same time.

That’s it.

In short, two friends from Barcelona who will participate in an Ironman event in Ireland decide to go there on bicycle and to register so memorable experience they begin this blog: www.2200kmaway.com

And we are happy if you want to join us.

Welcome and salut!

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Guayasén (left) and Nico (right)